Care Team

Care Teams Provide

  • Emotional support, friendly visits, and phone contact
  • Transportation assistance
  • Respite opportunities for home caregivers
  • Deliver sermon tapes
  • Other services based on the comfort levels of team members and care partners

Care Team Ministry responds, free of charge, to the non-medical “quality of life” needs of individuals not routinely provided by existing social service programs. Care Teams acts as an extended family or friend, and assist with a variety of activities such as visiting, shopping transportation, respite care and support to individuals with special needs.

Anyone Can Do It

The simple structure makes it easy to get involved and easy to stay involved. Because the ministry responds to individuals through a team effort, there is less burden to the individual caregiver and greater security to those being served.

What Will Be Required?

Care team members make a weekly commitment to calling, visiting, writing, or performing other activities within their comfort level and busy schedule.

Care team members meet to review their caring ministries. Through these team meetings, members share ideas and support each other.

Benefits To Care Partners And Caregivers

  • Enhanced capacity to maintain independence and lifestyle
  • Increased worship and other socialization opportunities
  • Reassurance that they are not overlooked by the community
  • Relief from loneliness
  • Will provide the caregiver an opportunity to have personal time away

Benefits To Congregations and Care Team Members

  • Opportunities for parents and children to serve together
  • Care Teams provide meaningful volunteer opportunities
  • Realistic volunteer opportunities for busy people
  • Care Teams assist and support pastors
  • Care Team members receive ongoing education