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Not Your Grandmother’s Sunday School and Nursery – 2016-2017

2016-06-12 Children's Sunday Kristi GranWelcome to St. John’s Sunday School! We’re excited to begin another year of growing together in Christian faith and fellowship – secure in our knowledge of God’s unconditional love in our lives.

We work hard to be sure our Sunday School provides a safe, loving, Christian community where our babies, children, youth and their families can begin and continue their lifelong journey as followers of Jesus. All adults who regularly work with the children and youth of St. John’s have undergone a criminal background check.

Sunday School begins at 9:00 AM each Sunday morning

We encourage families to arrive at church before 9 AM so the children can participate in the first fifteen minutes of Worship downstairs in the Sunday School Chapel area. Chapel time includes praise songs, offering of our tithes and gifts and a prayer to begin our day.

**We ask that you please do not leave your child(ren) unattended in the Sunday School area prior to Chapel time. Teachers are busy getting ready for class and will not “provide childcare.”

Children then go to their Sunday School Rotation class or classroom until 10:15 AM

2016-06-12 Children's Sunday Kristi GranIf the service ends before 10:15 AM, we encourage you to enjoy a few minutes of fellowship in Hartford Hall before retrieving your child(ren) from the Sunday School Chapel area. We have a lot of learning to pack in and need the full hour. Picking children up early can be disruptive to the class. On the other hand, be considerate of the Sunday School teachers by picking your child(ren) up as close to 10:15 AM as possible. The teachers are volunteering their time and most also have their own families waiting for them.

Sunday School Classes

We have separate rooms for:
Nursery (infant to age 3) – volunteers
Grades 6 – 12 The Teachers are Bryan Rickman and Letitia Simms
Signs will direct you to the location of these classrooms.

Not Your Grandmother’s Sunday School Grades Pre-K-5

2016-06-12 Children's Sunday Kristi GranThese classes will all be held in the Sunday School rooms and Chapel area below the sanctuary.
Wendy Kettlewood, Jen Patria, Kristi Gran, and Volunteers

Snacks in Sunday School

We have changed to Rotation Workshops (Not your Grandmother’s Sunday School!) and based on what class your student will be in on a particular week we would ask that you check with the class teacher before bringing in a snack. Please keep in mind if you’re bringing a snack to Sunday School try to make it a healthy snack. Parents have requested that we limit the sugar, additives and food coloring in the snacks we offer as they can cause behavior problems.

The entire Sunday School area is a Peanut-Free Zone
Due to peanut allergies to keep everyone safe and healthy, there cannot be any snacks with peanuts, peanut butter or peanut oils. Thank you!

Vacation Bible School

2016-06-12 Children's Sunday Kristi GranWe conduct VBS every summer, usually in August, for five days/evenings in a row. This ministry is for children from 4 years of age through those who have recently completed Grade 5.

St. John’s Christian Education Program is organized as follows:

Mark Monson Alley – Senior Pastor
TBA — Chairperson of the Education Committee

Wendy Kettlewood – Sunday School Coordinator
Judy Strate – Adult Studies Coordinator
Tish Sims – Youth Group Director
Rebecca Cotter – Wanakee Booster

Send email:

From infancy you have knownWe hope your child/youth will have a wonderful time in Sunday School at St. John’s. If you have any questions or concerns, please see either your child’s Sunday School teacher or Wendy Kettlewood.

We have adopted the Safe Sanctuary Policy at St. John’s. See below.

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2016-06-12 Children's Sunday Martin McGough
6/12/2015 Children’s Sunday - Sunday School children joined the Senior Choir
Photos on this page courtesy of Kristi Gran and Martin McGough.

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